A third COVID-19 spike in the United States continues to intensify, as several European countries take more steps to reverse steep case rises, some of which are at record levels.

The global total numbers of coronavirus cases have reached over 54 millions cases, with over 1 million people deaths from their infections, and over 38 million recoveries. .

Cases of coronavirus in United States on Sunday midnight rises to 59,494 new cases and 985 deaths to its totals, according to the Johns Hopkins tracker.

The trend shows the start of a third rise in infections.

COVID-19 spread impacted the US  presidential campaign, with the Biden campaign announcing that vice-presidential nominee Sen. Kamala Harris would not travel over the weekend after two people from the campaign tested positive.

Europe’s fall and winter surge continues to unfold, with exponential increases in daily cases and matching percentage increases in daily deaths.

The region just registered its highest weekly incidence since the start of the pandemic, adding about 700,000 cases.

Many European countries have already taken steps to tighten their measures, urging residents to accept and comply with them to avoid the need for much stricter ones.

Meanwhile, several European countries reported daily record-high case numbers, with the Czech Republic reported 9,544 cases, and pressure on hospitals has prompted health officials to forge working agreements with German hospitals, ask doctors to return from abroad, and make plans for field hospitals.

In the United Kingdom, government officials announced tighter measures for London that take effect at midnight tomorrow, Reuters reported. The alert level for the area has been raised from medium to high, and people can’t meet with other households indoors and they have been asked to limit travel.

An international group of scientists has written a response to a push for a herd immunity approach to managing the pandemic, which would involve letting the virus spread unchecked among those at low risk of severe COVID-19 while protecting the vulnerable.

The WHO last week denounced the herd immunity approach as scientifically and ethically problematic, because it could greatly boost deaths and expose more people to a virus that may have long-term health consequences. However, a document, known as the Great Barrington declaration, with a list of supporters of the approach was reportedly embraced by the White House. Herd immunity is used properly with vaccines to refer to reaching high vaccination coverage in order to protect the unvaccinated.     

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