The State Waste Management Board Sunday embarked on a comprehensive removal of debris left at major junctions and roundabouts after the #End Police brutality protests.
Pockets of refuse in various places were removed to ease vehicular traffic and give the area a look of cleanliness.
Daniel Ighedo who represents Delta Central on the Board of the State Waste Management led his team in the clean up of Effurun and DSC Roundabout as well as the P.T.I road axis.
Speaking in an interview, Ighedo said the Metropolis was looking very dirty after several days of protests and that it was necessary to clean up the area as normalcy has returned to the area.
The #End Police brutality protesters left huge piles of debris, particularly burnt tyres used to make bonfires and as well as wood, food and water packs as they left the scenes of protests around Warri Metropolis.

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