For Evangelist Fred Aburu, a Warri based Lawyer, the American elections were free and fair and the election of Joe Biden is a welcome development, adding that President Donald Trump is right to contest the election and urged him to show evidence of proof of electoral fraud.
The legal Practitioner however faulted many of the decisions taken by Donald Trump especially opposing the emergence Nigeria’s former Minister of Finance, Dr Okonjo Iweala as the newly elected Director General of the World Trade Organisation.
A Political Science Lecturer, Dr Peter Etchie and Educationist, Dr Ochuko Akpeme both noted they predicted the fall of Donald Trump even before the United States Presidential Election.
Dr Etchie described Donald Trump as a businessman and not a politician hence his fall from grace to grace.
For Dr Ochuko Akpeme who noted that the election between the Democrats and the Republican was very competitive.
He however advised the US President to concede defeat and emulate former Nigerian President, Dr Goodluck Jonathan.
The respondents noted that Nigeria and other African countries look up to the United States for direction especially in democracy and President Donald Trump should respect democracy.
They also noted that the American President downplayed the COVID-19 that has killed many citizens of the United States and that may have affected his re-election.
Meanwhile, World Leaders have continued to send congratulatory messages to President Elect Joe Biden on his victory even as votes would be recounted in some countries in the US.

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