Vice president osinbajo calls the 36 deputy governors over boundary dispute


Vice President Yemi Osinbajo on Monday gathered the 36 deputy governors and the National Boundary Commission (NBC) to the Presidential Villa, Abuja over boundary disputes among different states.

The meeting took place at the Old Banquet Hall in Aso Rock. At the meeting, Osinbajo told the deputy governors that only bold, fair-minded, courageous, and patriotic leadership is required to settle border disputes without politicization and heightened tensions. The vice president said that the meeting was conceived from discussions he had at various times with several deputy governors. He said that deputy governors were concerned that NBC’s potential to settle disputes and minimize inter-state rancor and instability would be greatly assisted if the commission interacted directly with responsible state functionaries.

According to Osinbajo, who is also Chairman of the NBC, handling border disputes requires a good knowledge of the issues, and sincerity of purpose and sensitivity. He said it could only be effectively done at the highest levels of governance which was why the NBC (Establishment Act) 2006, provided organs at all three levels of government to establish State Boundary Committees. Osinbajo said the committees were under the chairmanship of the deputy governors across the states of the federation and the permanent secretary at the FCT.

He said the commission was a public resource, which credibility in dispute resolution was fundamental; therefore, all had a duty to support the commission. Osinbajo said the commission had to be kept honest and on its toes, all the time as its role was central to everything done in border dispute resolution. Osinbajo assured the participants at the meeting that the board of the commission would give urgent and full attention to all recommendations that were made at the important meeting.