US: Kenosha experience a second day protest

The US city of Kenosha experience a second day protest after a Black man was shot by police officer.

The governor of Wisconsin Tony Evers called out the National Guard during second night unrest. Police in Kenosha fired tear gas and pepper balls to disperse protesters.

The clashes erupted shortly after nightfall when many protesters defying a dusk-to down curfew gathered outside Kenosha court, shouting and tossing water bottles at a line of sheriff’s deputies.

Kenosha, on the shore of lake Michigan, south of Milwaukee, became the latest flashpoints of racial unrest after cellphone footage circulated showing police shooting Jacob Blake on Sunday about 5pm local time.

The 29-year-old was airlifted to hospital in Milwaukee in serious condition, but yesterday after, his family said he was out of surgery and improving.
Blake was shot in the presence of his three young sons from just a few feet away while sitting in their car.

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