UNICEF, ITU Giga Initiative, Ericsson School Connect Reach One Million Schools


A global partnership with the United Nations Children Education Fund (UNICEF) to support the International Telecom­munication Union (ITU) in 2019 school connectivi­ty mapping initiative has reached a major milestone and connectivity status of one million schools.

Under the partnership, Ericsson has committed to help map connectivity in schools across 35 coun­tries by the end of 2023, supporting Giga’s ambi­tion of mapping every school in the world.

The Giga initiative founded by UNICEF and the International Tele­communication Union (ITU) in 2019 aims to con­nect every school to the internet by 2030 and ev­ery young person to infor­mation, opportunity and choice.

In a statement, Heath­er Johnson, Vice Presi­dent, Sustainability and Corporate Responsibil­ity, Ericsson, says: “Ac­cording to the ITU, 369 million young people don’t have access to the internet and 260 million children aged 5-16 re­ceive no schooling.