The Thing About Process


What seemed like a cage brought me so much rage but in reality, was my protection.

Cried afew times for “freedom”, knowing so less I was guarded from predators.

Desiring to change where I was, I wanted to become the chief editor.

I wanted a wild adventure, oblivious of the adverse temperature.

I felt tortured and so many times, felt miniature.

Life felt inaccessible, because there was only room for the inevitable — Process

I thought I was hidden, but in reality I was chosen.

I thought it was all a camouflage, but in reality, it was a greatness recharge.

It was a waiting room.

It was a process for progress.

It was a time to gather strength, against the enemy’s dents

It was a time to sprout for the unprecedented rout.

The Thing About Process

Source (Temi’s Pen)