The Role of Super Life Network Marketing in Curbing The Economic and Financial Challenges Occasioned by The COVID-19 Pandemic

The joy by the Asaba Team Leader of Super Life Team ICBN, Mrs Evelyn Oformiyagu and Mr Salaudeen Saka, from Niger State and the other leaders and members of the network marketing outfit was well founded.

They had received medals, decorations and even Certificates of recognition and honor presented by Mrs Esther Akambi one of the leaders of Super Life Team ICBN Abuja, who graced the Asaba show.

Lecturers at the event highlighted the benefits of Super Life Network Marketing to include well researched health products as well their unique business opportunities.

For Mrs Akambi and Mrs Oformiyagu what they had experienced from Super Life Network Marketing moved them to recommend it at this point in time, especially as it de-emphasizes physical contacts, as one can easily work from home yet accomplish much.                                 

Highlights of the event was the opening of the office of Super Life Team ICBN Asaba on Summit Road, Asaba.

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