In the meantime, social distancing, one of the COVID19 rules to check the spread of COVID 19 in schools is being compromised in many of the Secondary Schools with large population of students.
Investigation reveals that lack of adequate teachers have forces many of the schools to crowd students in few classrooms.
Other classrooms are vacant without students occupying them.
Further investigations reveal that many teachers have retired from the state school system after their mandatory year of service.
This development has made many of the schools to be without the required number of teachers.
It was gathered further that this source of worry to both parents and teachers who fear that students in the senior Secondary cadre may not be fully equipped academically for the task ahead.
Stakeholders in the education sector have appealed to the Delta State government to recruit more teachers to check the scarcity of teacher in public schools.
The stakeholders also appealed to government to pay attention to the special students who are presently being taught at Don Domingo’s College Warri.
The school, it was gathered cannot cope with the requests from parents in parts of the state whose wards are physically challenged.
Dom Domingo’s College alone has one nine hundred special students with more of them wanting to be admitted.
The Delta State Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education which recently recruited teachers has also been urged to recruit more of them and also build a hostel to accommodate special students who daily seek admission at Dom Domingo’s College, Warri.

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