Governor of Delta State, Dr Ifeanyi Okowa has commended the inspector General of Police Mohammed Adamu for the disbandment of the Special Ant-Robbery Squad SARS.
In a statement in Asaba Governor Okowa noted that the disbandment of SARS was a decisive and prompt way by the police boss in responding to the legitimate concerns of Nigerians.
The Governor explained that the ENDSARS protest by youths across the country had become a national and international movement.
Describing the disbandment of the squad as a welcome development, Governor Okowa noted that Nigerian Youths can take the pride as they have won a major victory for the right to free movement and association without let or hindrance.
While commending the police for not suppressing these protests, the Governor explained that the disbandment of SARS is a visible demonstration of how government agencies should respond to the grievances of the people as they agitate for justice and good governance in a democracy.
Governor Okowa advised the inspector General of police not to stop at just disbanding the squad but should carry out a comprehensive reform of the Nigeria police force.
Such reforms according to the governor should cover matters relating to recruitment, training and welfare for the rank and file of the police.

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