President Buhari said Nigerians must collectively resolve to continue their journey beyond the recorded 60 years on the understanding that Nigeria as a geo-political entity will be more beneficial to every citizen.
He added that Nigeria as an indivisible geo-political entity is more beneficial to its citizens than becoming units of nationalities.
President Buhari stated that citizens should continue to do the right things to promote unity and understanding among the diverse ethno-religious groups in the country, to achieve desired goals of nation building.
The President also stressed the need for the country to begin a sincere process of national healing, saying that the current anniversary presented genuine opportunity to eliminate divisive tendencies among the people.
He advised the citizens to always discard acts capable of dividing the nation or promoting primordial sentiments.
President Buhari stressed that Nigerians, irrespective of their geo-political backgrounds must continue to show genuine commitment toward the survival of the country as a geo-political entity no matter the challenges facing the nation.
According to him, these include evolving and sustaining a democratic culture that leaves power in the hands of the people:
He urged Nigerians to Support the enthronement of rule of law, demand accountability of elected representatives and contribute to good governance.

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