Nigerians have right to self-defence —Fani-Kayode

The escalating insecurity across the country has elicited a strong reaction from a former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode who expressed his support for the right of Nigerians to self-defence.

According to Fani-Kayode, it’s better to die in the war against the insurgents than to bow as a coward.

The call for self-defence has been gaining momentum especially when the Benue State Governor, Samuel Ortom urged President Muhammadu Buhari to license arms for citizens to defend themselves when they are made vulnerable by the attackers.

Corroborating this stance, Fani-Kayode via a series of tweets on Tuesday, said the populace has the right to defend themselves against external aggressors.

He further noted that it was their right since the leaders have failed in their duties of protecting the citizenry.

The tweets read: “We seek peace & not war but hear this. We will NOT go down without a fight. We will NOT vanish into the night.

“If those that are charged by the Constitution to defend & protect us refuse to do so, no force on earth or in hell can stop us from protecting & defending ourselves.

“We will NOT allow these accursed foreign invaders and barbaric terrorists that have plagued and blighted our land to impose their will and have their way.

“We will NOT be anybody’s ritual sacrifice. We will NOT go down quietly like lambs to the slaughter.”

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