The Lagos State government has said it plans to impose penalties on vehicle dead weight violators. It noted that the law was previously in existence but no longer enforced.
Special Adviser to the Governor on Work and Infrastructure, Mrs Sramide Adeoye, who disclosed this, said it has gotten to the point where some people would not be allowed to waste task payers monies used on road construction.
To put an end to overloading of trucks, she maintained that Road Tax was the alternative.
She said Nigerians wonder why when Roads are constructed roads, they get spoilt easily because there are some people who will always over load their vehicles.
Mrs Sramide said because a system to check that culture has been lost and it need to be revived more than that. That each time you carry that excess load, it attracts a penalty. That way, we don’t end up destroying our roads. That’s the kind of culture we are hoping to revive and bring back so that people can begin to check themselves. When we do it, projects we commit with tax payers money can begin to last and serve us better.

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