Iranian Court Sentence Two to Jail

An Iranian court sentence two men to 10 years each in jail for spying on the country for the United Kingdom, Germany and Israel in separate cases.
According to Iranian Judiciary official, Gholamhossein Esmaili, Massud Mossaheb one of the men, had been spying for Mossad and Germany in the guise of the general secretary of the Austrian-Iranian society.
Mossaheb was found to have been providing them with information on Itan’s missile, nuclear, nanotechnology and medical fields.
Second man, Shahram Shirkhani was jailed for spying for British intelligence services, and sprang for trying to recruit Iranian officials for the United Kingdom’s M16 agency, and passing on classified Information about Iran’s central Bank and defence Military.
Iran occasionally arrests and convicts those accused of spying on behalf of foreign countries, including the United States and Israel.
According to the report in July Iran executed Reza Asgari, a former Defence Ministry employee convicted of spying on behalf of the central intelligence Agency CTA.

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