The 2020 Annual Harvest thanksgiving of the headquarters of God’s Will Mission was colourful, members showcased their dancing steps as one after the other, various prayer groups, man and women groups, youths and invited churches led by Arch bishop Solomon Gbakara marched to the altar, they approached with various substances as they offered their special thanks to God for his marcies and love throughout the year 2020.

Archbishop Solomon Gbakara who anchored his message on establishing covenant with God through sacrifice said members of the church have reason to offer thanks to God for year 2020 considering the challenges that they over come during the year.

Arch Bishop Gbakara, admonished members of the church to follow biblical principle in sowing as what they give will come back to them multiples.

He advised the congregation to rededicate their lives to God and see their present conditions as a stepping stone to a greater height.

Archbishop Gbakara expressed believe that the coming year 2021 will shower abundant blessings on the congregation and asked them to maintain their faith in God.

In an interview Bishop Julien Gbakara and some members of the church said thanksgiving was a way of tapping into the store house of God’s blessings.

A drama piece depicting the biblical way of thanking God was also presented by the teenagers group of the church.

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