France Bans British Tourists From Non-essential Travel After Record-high COVID Cases In UK


France has banned British people from visiting the country from Saturday in an effort to try and slow the spread of Coronavirus’ Omicron strain.
The French Government said no non-essential travellers from the UK will be allowed in from the weekend. A French Government spokesperson confirmed there will be a ‘requirement to have an essential reason to travel to, or come from, the UK, both for the unvaccinated and vaccinated’. He added, “People cannot travel for touristic or professional reasons.” French citizens and EU nationals could still return to France from the UK.
Delta remains the dominant variant in France but Omicron is spreading fast in Britain and raising concerns globally. Spokesperson, Gabriel Attal, said tourism or business trips from Britain to France “will be limited” with all those arriving from Britain to have a negative virus test less than 24 hours old, and to test again upon arrival and isolate in a place they choose for at least 48 hours pending the result.