Many music lovers across the world embraced this track by Johnny Nash when it was released in 1972.
A Pop Star and Reggae exponent, John Lester Nash became a legendary Musical Icon in a career he started at 13 while honing his vocal skills in the Baptist Church Choir.
Between the time Johnny Nash was discovered in 1956 by Arthur Godfrey and the early 2000’s when he started to withdrawing from public performances he scored several firsts in the hit songs released under various labels.
Other notable songs include, a Teenagers sings the Blues Let’s Move and Groove together,Hold me Tight, Tears on My Pillow, andWhat a Wonderful World.Johnny Nash’s Musical Career would have been nothing without the huge followers and lovers of his music for who the trackI Can See Clearly Now , was a major tonic to the everyday challenges that confront them.
On Tuesday October 6, Johnny Nash at the age of 80, passed on peacefully from natural causes as announced by his son.
People across the world who love his music and the powerful lyrics they contain have been pausing to pay tribute to the man, Johnny Nash and for them when comes another that will brighten their day with delightful music.

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