Diri Reinforces Ban on Open Grazing


The Bayelsa State Governor, Senator Douye Diri, has called on citizens and residents of the state to watch out for troublemakers who might want to unleash attacks in the state.

Diri, who warned that the state would not be a safe haven for troublemakers, also restated the ban on open grazing of cattle.

He made the call during the 33rd Executive Council meeting in Yenagoa and noted that security is everybody’s business and urged people of the state not to hesitate to avail the security agencies of information to help tackle insecurity.

The governor expressed appreciation to the various arms of government and Bayelsans at large for their role in ensuring that the state remained peaceful and called for all hands to be on deck to sustain the prevailing peace.

He noted that as a state in dire need of development and declared that Bayelsa could not afford the destruction of public and private properties.

Diri said: “I appreciate all Bayelsans, leaders and followers alike for ensuring that the state is one of the most peaceful in Nigeria.

“We are a people in dire need of development. We are in a race to catch up other states. So, we cannot afford to destroy anything that is an edifice of development in Bayelsa.

“I call on all of us to be vigilant and to keep an eye to protect our state from any group of persons bent on violence.

“As Ijaw people, we are peace loving. We welcome visitors. However, this state would not welcome anyone that wants to destroy our peace. This state would stand against anybody who imports violence to Bayelsa.”

He stated that open grazing remained banned in the state as the law against open grazing had come to stay and would be enforced in the interest of peace and security of the state.