Dice plans release of EP ‘48 hours in the Motherland’


Budding music act, Dice is set to release his maiden body of works, an EP titled ‘48 hours in the Motherland’.

Dice, a Nigerian- born in the US but raised in the UK, said his forthcoming EP is inspired by his last visit to Nigeria where he had the opportunity to learn about his culture, people and the entire music industry. Dice, who is of the Urhobo tribe, noted that aside from his visit to the country, his love life is another inspiration behind the project. Speaking on the project, the artiste said that the masterpiece boasts of an array of clinically delivered sounds ranging from amapiano, alte and trap.

According to him, there is something for every music lover, irrespective of their genre leaning. “I am very excited to unleash this to the world. It has been a long time coming. My goal is to make sure there is at least one song everyone can relate to. In putting this project together, I pushed myself to break limits because the satisfaction of my listeners is important to me,” he said. The EP, according to the singer, will be released on Friday, January 21.

Dice’s passion for music was first nurtured at five when he learnt to play the violin as one of the first of four instruments he learned growing up. In his later years, Dice had begun recording music with his voice first in 2017 but didn’t release his debut single ‘Clinical’ till 2020. Prior to this time, Dice has released a couple of singles including ‘I Want’, ‘Kilode’, ‘Lord Forgive Me’ and ‘Prodigal’. In 2021, he released ‘Clinical’, ‘Delirious’, ‘Diamond Dial’, ‘Teasing’, ‘OUU’ (She Leanin’), as well as ‘Status Change’, garnering hundreds of thousands of streams across digital platforms.