Bangladesh’s government has approved Death as a penalty for rape offenders, as anger grows in the South Asian country over incidents of sexual assault.
The amendment was approved at a weekly meeting of the council of ministers headed by the Prime Minister, in a meeting held virtually due to the coronavirus pandemic.
The report say Bill stated that any rape offender will be punished with death or rigorous imprisonment for life.
Though changes to the law were demanded by thousands of protestors across the Muslim-majority, calling for a more stringent punishment for sexual assaults.
After a woman was stripped and sexually assaulted by a group of men in a Southern village, the country witnessed an unprecedented protest.
Eight suspects were arrested as a video of the assault went viral more than a month after the incident.
It was gathered that the protestors were mainly women, students and activists who took to the streets, to protest against the rising number of rape incidents.
It was the first time that Bangladesh had witnessed such large scale protests against sexual offenders in a long period of time.

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